Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quick Update March 2014

Hey guys sorry I haven't been around much to update you on whats filming in Philadelphia but I have been extremely busy lately.  I have seen so much filming during my hiatus but I haven't found time to share with you all or go to any sets.  I was recently married to a Marine and military life has encompassed my life for the past year.  Every time I get a chance I will try to update you all on whats filming in the city or at least direct you to places where you can find out more information.

Currently in production in Philadelphia is a new pilot starring Viola Davis entitled "How to Get Away With Murder".  I found a few pictures to share with you from PhillyChitChat who is always on the scene. 

For any and the best information on movies filming in the city since I have been seriously slacking is always PhillyChitChat's blog.  HughE Dillion runs the site and is always at the foreground for the best gossip news in Philadelphia.  Anytime I am available I will attempt to report on sets, but for now... I will just give you all small tidbits on whats going on in the city!  But as always I am so excited to report from this years Wizard World Philadelphia June 19-22!!