Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do No Harm Related Information

So sorry I haven't posted much in the blog for the past few months.  I have been extremely busy lately with so many things.  I am back now with all your filming information and I hope to make at least a few posts a month!

First of all in between the time I stopped posting on a regular basis and now, I had the opportunity to act in a television show entitled Do No Harm.  Since the show was sadly cancelled after two episodes over two months ago I figured it would be alright to discuss some of the information about the behind the scenes.

Here is the description of the show as taken from Wikipedia:

The series focuses on Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a successful neurosurgeon with a secret. Every night at 8:25 p.m., and lasting exactly 12 hours, Cole is switched into an alternate, evil personality  named Ian Price. Cole has been able to suppress Price by injecting a strong pharmaceutical  mixture that sedates their shared body, rendering it impossible for the evil alter-ego to function. But one night Cole discovers that their body has grown immune to the drug and Price has emerged in a rage. Angry at having been suppressed, Cole's alternate personality is focused on wreaking havoc on Cole's life, creating problems which could cost him his life, romance and career.

I got to act in the show on fou separate days.  The main actors were very friendly.  In the first episode that aired I am seen in one of the first shots when the main actor comes out of an elevator.  A fun behind the scenes secret is that on the first take, before exiting the elevator the main actor did something that lets just say made everyone laugh a lot.  Steven Pasquale is a very fun guy to be around and in between takes made everyone laugh.  The set was really like a family and I enjoyed it.

One of the days that I was on set I was set to play a mom and they gave me a 9 year old son.  It was a little weird, but the kid was very sweet and nice.  Sadly that episode did not air, but it was still a fun day.  Later in the day we went outside for a stunt scene that can actually be seen in the trailer when they push a gurney down the street.  I don't want to discuss certain characters involved just in case they decide to burn off the remaining episodes in the summer, which I hear may happen (yay!).  I was standing outside of the bar on a corner wearing a yoga type outfit.  My friend had given me a stuffed dog earlier that day as a present so I made sure to sneak him into the scene sticking out of my yoga bag.  I think we were on set that day until midnight.

There was another outside scene we filmed that it really felt like Groundhog's Day.  Typically, well all the time really, multiple takes of a shot are made and people have to continuously do the same action over and over.  Some of the extras were really getting into character and it was funny.  One guy kept running to catch a SEPTA bus every time it would go by and the bus would actually stop only for the guy to shoo them along.  Another guy almost got run over while screaming on a cell phone because he kept crossing the street back and forth.  It was also freezing out, luckily craft services handed out cream of broccoli soup with was really good.

The set that they used for the show was the best that I had ever seen.  They made an entire hospital inside of a Philadelphia building.  It was a permanent set that was extremely expensive to construct.  There were about 4 wings created including two administrative wings, a hospital wing, and a ER type wing.  The ER room was really creepy... there was a lot of fake blood everywhere.  The set was just amazing and I am glad I got the opportunity to see it.  Both of my scenes that appear on air where filmed in the administrative wings.  I was only in about three scenes in the hospital wing.  I was also in about 2 scenes in the downstairs area.

It is really a shame the show had such low ratings.  I really wanted to see more episodes.  I actually have a friend who genuinely liked the show before she even knew I was in it.  I hope that they at least air the remaining episodes in the Summer.  I really want to know what happens in the series.