Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Future Weather World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Back in summer 2010, the independent film, Future Weather filmed around the Philadelphia area. Now the film is being released and premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 29. This film introduced a new and innovative production process as it was a green set and revolved around bettering the environment.

I reported on the film several times back in August 2010 and was invited to the set on a few occasions. It was a very pleasant experience and very interesting to see how a green set works. If you would like to read the report I made back in 2010 check here.

Future Weather was written, directed, and produced by Jenny Deller and produced by Kristin Fairweather. The film stars Lili Taylor, Amy Madigan, and newcomer Perla Haney Jardine. The film is a coming of age story about the relationship of a young girl and her grandmom after her mom leaves her. It tells their story and how they begin to relate to each other during a troubling time in their lives.

To learn more about the movie check out the website Tickets go on sale April 16.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do No Harm Update - March 21, 2012

Hey everyone welcome back! Finally real things are filming in the city again! For the past few weeks, the new M. Night Shyamalan movie starring Will and Jaden Smith has been filming inside studios in Chester. Although that film may never make it to the actual streets to film, other productions have been invading the city.

I was selected to be an extra on the new NBC pilot, Do No Harm starring Steven Pasquale. Unfortunately I cannot give too much away since I worked on the project, but I am willing to give you some insider details. I was told to be at set at 4:30 and signed in. We ate some food and talked a bit before they took us out to...walk, yes walk! Its what all the cool extras do. So thats the insider details, no I'm kidding, but I really did walk! The production actually turned the Convention Center into 'Independence Memorial Hospital' One thing I thought was weird is that the extra they put into a wheelchair was in full makeup and stilletos, I would look just like that too coming out of a hospital. Sadly, I can't give you any more fun details, but check out PhillyChitChat for all the juicy info! When the show comes out keep an eye out for me and my amazing walking skyllz! If you look to the right of the photo you can see Steven Pasquale (in the tie) and director Michael Mayer (sitting in the chair with glasses). Thanks PhillyChitChat for taking the picture as I could not (although I wanted to so bad!!).

We were finally able to leave the set around 1:30 in the morning. It was a great time and I got to meet some great people!

One interesting person I met on set was a PA, Jackass and CKY star, Chris Raab (Raab Himself). I did get to talk to him in between takes and he is a really nice guy. He told me that he was doing this while working on other projects with Brandon Dicamillo and Rake Yohn.

So thats about all I got for you guys. For more information about the filming head on over to PhillyChitChat. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more fun filming updates!