Sunday, September 30, 2012

Do No Harm Filming Update

So I wanted to give you guys an update about the NBC show, Do No Harm currently filming in Philadelphia.  I was selected as an extra and of course can't say too much about the filming so this entry will be cryptic.  It was a long day on set since we were there for twelve hours.  I can't say what I was playing in the background but I can say that my 'props' were a 9 year old kid and a coffee cup.  The set was really neat. The production made a permanent set in a building with various different settings in the set itself if that makes sense.  Since it has already been mentioned that this is a Jekyll and Hyde type medical drama I can discuss a little about that.  While I was on set the main character portrayed both his Jekyll and Hyde-esque counterparts which was interesting to see.  The best was seeing him as 'Jekyll' in an outdoor scene where he did something that looked really fun, again can't say.  The series will be filming until the end of January. Sorry I could not reveal much about the filming, but just know that this show looks like its going to be really good.  You can catch it on NBC this January. For more information and some clips head on over to  Thanks for reading!!!

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