Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Philadelphia Wizard World 2012 Costume Contest June 2, 2012

The costume contest this year at Wizard World Philadelphia was interesting to say the least.  From a female version of the Rocketeer to a group of Naruto character this year had a lot of entries and some great winners. 

The winner of best in show went to a man who I am sure was the actual Loki from the new Avengers film.  The event was once again MCed by the Defuser, winner of the second season of Stan Lee's Who Wants to be a Superhero.  There were several highlights of the event which I actual entered myself and my friend into.  We were both Doctor Who characters, he played the Doctor where as I played Rose Tyler.

Although I do not condone heckling there were two guys there that made the almost three hour event more interesting to say the least.  With over 130 entries, two guys really stood out and they were dressed as Terrence and Phillip from Southpark.  After recieving over sixteen complaints these two have made a reputation for themselves as pranksters and add commentary to almost every panel.  When they were called on stage they used the fake names of King Kong and the Empire State Building to avoid being passed over by the Defuser.  Awesome videos of the dynamic duo!

After they got off stage it was our turn to go up and I took the mic and invited the duo back on stage which the crowd really enjoyed but was not appreciated by the Defuser.  Anyway there was a lot of fun to be had at the event this year.

Before the winners were announced all of the Doctor Who characters raided the stage for a random dance time and also included some of the other contestants into the dance which was fun.

In the end some of the winners included 1950s Arkham girls from Batman, a Skyrim character, Doctor Who enemies, Booster Gold, and of course Loki. 

Although we did not win anything we sure had a fun time covering the event.

 The winners of the 2012 Costume Contest

Can you spot us in this picture?

After the contest I had to do this, sue me!

Check back for more Philadelphia Wizard World 2012 details!

Most of these photos come from Miguel Melendez thanks so much for getting amazing shots!