Monday, January 16, 2012

Damages and Pan Am Set Visit

Hey everyone! I thought I would share a little insight I gathered over the past week during my trip to New York City. I had planned on visiting at least one set during my stay in the city, but I would have never guessed that a set would come to me!

On the first day of my trip, I decided I wanted to visit the set of Pan Am since I always wanted to see a period piece filming. When I arrived on the set, they were filming inside of a building in Harlem and just about to go to lunch, however I did see many 1960s cars lining one of the side streets. I took a few pictures and decided to go explore the city. I tried to find the set for Gossip Girl, but I couldn't so I just kind of gave up. I am PhillyFilmGirl after all.

I thought that would be the extent of my set visits during my time in New York, but I never expected to find one in the very hotel I was staying at. All day on thursday, there was a production company at the Travel Inn filming the FX television show, Damages. From what I could tell they were filming there for about 12 hours. They began with a scene inside of the parking garage...I could not really take any pictures of that, but I managed to get a few of the equipment. That night, when I returned to the hotel and exited the elevator, I kind of accidently walked into the middle of the set where I saw two actors in an open room getting their makeup done. I was exited off set and returned to my room. There was a lot of equipment located all over the hotel and it seemed as though the production rented out many rooms to ensure they would be vacant during filming. I thought this was a really fun coincedience and it was a nice change for a set to come to me. And let me add once again, I DID NOT know this was filming in my hotel when I booked the room over two months ago, it was a total suprise which I thought was really cool.

While walking around the city, I was able to spot at least three other random productions by the Haddads trucks. New York City is always full of film and television productions and anyone would be sure to find something filming during any given time.

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