Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backward Filming Update from an Extra

Hello again everyone! It's been too long!

So I am still working on the film , Backwards starring James van der Beek from Dawsons Creek and it has been going really well! I am shooting another fun scene on Sunday which I am excited for. I already filmed three days and each day has been really fun. I already told you a little about the first day when I got to eat the yummy brownie and I wanted to share a little more of my filming secrets... Nothing too big, just personal goodies!

The second day I spent on the set was in a restaurant where I played 'girl ordering drink and waiting for boyfriend'... I know, huge! So I had to drink what I call, 'movie beer' and it was... different. If you take a big glass of water and add in a little bit of soda for color, you have made movie beer. It was really gross! Even though I don't drink beer anyway, it was worse pretending to drink fake beer. But my severe acting abilities prevailed and I was amazing! There was another scene I filmed at the restaurant that was a little party-esque. This time I had what I think was day old leftovers. It was a little bit of pasta with some broccoli. Funny story, when the director said "last looks" I put my face over the pasta and opened my mouth so wide to look crazy, and then my gum fell into the gross pasta. I tried to put it back I my mouth, but the gum tasted like garlic... Ugh! Still good day on set! The third day I spent on set was another big scene. I got to wear a fancy dress and even gave myself a pretty hairdo! Good stuff. The photo below was taken by a member of the crew...if you want to see more photos from the day, check out the film's facebook page. It was not fun being outside in 110 degrees in a long dress , so I kind of upskirted the entire cast, crew, and passerbys. I had on shorts though. I even asked the director the policy on upskirting, sadly he said no... Oh well! We were on set until about 3am and had to look like we were having fun at the event when we all just wanted sleep! Thats all for now, I do not want to give anymore away.

So that's all for now. Sorry I can't give you all any more, but I don't want to risk getting into trouble. If you all want to find out more about the movie, check out the film's Facebook page. There are a lot of pictures of the main cast and crew as well as more details about the film.

Until next time...bye!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Backwards Movie Extra Filming: My Experience

So this is going to be hard without getting into a lot of detail. I want to tell you guys everything, but I can't because of the whole disclosure thing and all. But I will tell you guys a little bit of info, just so you can spot me in the movie.

So I got to the set at around 2pm for my 2:30pm call. It was a scene involving food, and I was excited because my prop was a YUMMY brownie!! I kept eating my prop..screw continuity. No, really, I took small bites not to mess up continuity. But I was standing right next to one of the principle actors in the scene for a second which was cool. If you guys end up watching the film, in the scene I was wearing a yellow, blue, and white plaid sundress with navy leggins and a navy cardigan. Closer to the release of the film, I will tell you exactly which scene. I was playing a high schooler eating a the math ;)

Well thats about all that I can say...I know no fun, but I do not want to get into trouble. Do not ask me locations for this one project because I am not giving them out...any other project I am not associated with, I would, but this is different. I will try to tell you some other little things like I did today, but no specifics. I believe I am also an extra on Thursday and I get to dress up a bit which is always fun!! Again, do not ask for locations because I am not allowed to say! Ok thats all guys!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Was Selected To Be An Extra!

Hey all! Yes it is true... I was chosen to be an extra in the newest film to film in Philadelphia. Since I am working with the production, I can't really say anything about it obviously, but I can tell you the name of the film is Backwards and it will be shooting in and around the city until mid-August. Hopefully once the film is actually released I can talk a little bit about what I did, but I cannot say anything about it during shooting obviously. So far all that I actually know is the title anyway. Oh well, just a little heads up and I thought I would share the exciting news with you all... Wish me luck!