Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Silver Linings Update for Wednesday November 9

Hey everyone!

Just a little update on the Silver Linings Playbook film currently shooting in Philadelphia. If you happen to wonder down to Lincoln Financial Field tomorrow, then you might see some action! (and some lights and cameras too!). The film is currently shooting at the Linc for a pre game tailgaiting scene. I went down to the set today, but sadly as soon as I got there, they wrapped, just my luck. Tomorrow I hear is a much longer day (they only shot for three hours today). There will be a lot more people there tomorrow as well.

If you have the chance to go down to the stadium, try to fit in with the crowd, do not stand out! I suggest wearing something Eagles related (if they survived the fireplace after last night's game). I went down today and wore Eagles gear and walked right into the middle of the set. Robert Deniro and Bradley Cooper were on set today, but I did not see them. Deniro was driving around in an old Cadillac with a bunch of cameras on the car. It actually just looks like a game day there, but obviously it is not. The set up is pretty large so just kind of wander through if you get the chance.

Here is a picture of the set I took today. As you can see, it just looks like typical tailgaiting pre Eagles game.

I am trying to get to the set around 9:30am so maybe you will see me there.

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