Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silver Linings Playbook Weekend Update for November 13

Welcome back! I am kind of dissapointed because I missed a bit of good filming last night. The production finally wrapped at the 9th and Sansom location in the city around 3am. Filming took place outside and they had the set looking like Christmas. I would have loved to see it but I hear that security was still really tight downtown.

I wanted to try to go to the set tomorrow, but I think I have to work, so I figure I would share some information with you guys instead. Filming continues tomorrow and the cast and crew are back in Upper Darby. The production returns to the 200 block of Madison Avenue and will remain there until Monday. Call time for the crew tomorrow is 9am which means that filming should begin around 12 if not earlier. Following that, they return to Chestnut Street in the city. I believe they have about a little over a week to go on the shoot. If you happen to go feel free to send me your pictures. I have to work tomorrow, but I want to try to visit the set if I can. Until later!

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