Friday, November 25, 2011

Celebrity Appearances: Kel Mitchell at Club 27 in Old City November 23, 2011

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you all got some quality time with your family.

But this post is all about the night before Thanksgiving, the biggest party night of the year. I decided to go to Club 27 in Old City to celebrate with my friend Mike because I heard that Kel Mitchell (Good Burger, All That) was going to make an appearance at an orange party.

I love theme parties, so of course my friend and I wore orange shirts. When we got there at around 11pm, there was about 10 people there, no lie. Maybe one other person was in orange. Since the party was 18 to enter, 21 to drink, we decided to go the 21 section upstairs where we found maybe 5 more people. While we were waiting for Kel to make an appearance, a girl approached us and asked if we wanted to meet Kel, so we said sure. She then took us upstairs to meet Kel.

He was actually a pretty cool guy. I tried to get a short video with him, but the music was way too loud to get anything. I asked him how many bottles of orange soda he has had in his life and he said that he had about 20,000 and that its alright. I got a quick picture with him and went back downstairs. By the time he came out around 12:45, there was about 25 people in the club.

He was out for about 20 minutes, did some of his most memorable lines from his shows, and then kind of went back upstairs and hung out. Oh he also expressed his love for orange soda.

It was actually my first time going out on Thanksgiving eve and although I got to meet Kel Mitchell, I was kind of suprised by the lack of people in the club. I thought it was the biggest party night of the year, and for only about 30 people to show up is crazy. I even think half of the people in the club worked there. There was an entire other room with a DJ with NO ONE inside except for one was even bartending in that room. The club itself was really cool and the DJ was great in my opinion, just not very crowded. I mean for an orange party only about five people including Kel himself were even wearing orange. There was supposed to be an orange soda chugging contest and the winner was going to get $200, but the club was not even serving orange soda and there was NO contest. There was also supposed to be an orange outfit contest with another $200 winner, but again, nothing. I guess it was because of the lack of people in the club which was not really cool.

But still, I had a good time and recommend people to go to Club 27 as they do have a lot of celebrity guests all throughout the year including Sean Paul and they also have frequent Q102 broadcasts. Check them out at their website.

If you are visiting my site from another state, you too can see Kel Mitchell while he makes his 'All Orange Everything' tour across America.

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