Thursday, October 20, 2011

Robert Deniro Filming The Silver Linings Playbook Set Report #4 October 20, 2011

Ok so today was a fun day on set. I arrived around 8pm and they were still setting up, so I went down the street to get some stake out food. When I got back to set, thats when I got all of the good stuff! It was actually a night shoot, which I like more than day shoots because it is so much easier to hide. So the crew made sure to clear off all of the streets at least two blocks away from where they were filming to prevent anyone from seeing the set and the actors, but they forgot one thing, me! I managed to stay inside my nice warm car and get some great footage of Robert Deniro filming in his lovely Pajama set. I think they though I was an extra in the car because they had an extra's car next to me in motion every time they yelled action. Hey, maybe my car will end up in the never know.

In the scene, Deniro is seen chasing some guy and yelling at him to 'get out' as a bunch of neighbors (extras) come outside to see whats going on. I really hope you all enjoy the footage I got for you. I am sorry for the short set report tonight, I need to get some sleep if I want to make a short trip to the set sometime tomorrow. Good Night and thanks for reading and watching!

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