Monday, October 17, 2011

My CBS3 Trip...AGAIN!

Ok, deja vu! I was able to visit the set of CBS3...again today after I heard that both David Boreanaz and Carla Gugino would be in the studio. About four years ago the two were in town filming 'The Mighty Macs', a story about the 1972 girls basketball team at Immaculata. After four years of waiting, the movie is finally coming to theaters this Friday and the pair were in town promoting the film. Since there was only one guest on the friday show, my friend allowed me to come back and meet the two...I mean they did film a movie in Philadelphia, and I am PhillyFilmGirl. But the crew at CBS3 was happy to see me again and didn't mind that I had just visited the set on Friday. I promised that I would not be back again...this week.

I first went up to Carla Gugino and told her that I loved her in Race to Witch Mountain (it was a good film!)...she was like 'Nice'... I could not really tell if it was sarcasm, but she was really nice none the less and even prettier in person!
Then I went up to David Boreanaz and told him that my father sold him his first car. He asked me if it was the Mazda, and I told him that it was a Yugo...he told me that he never really considered that a car, more of a tin can because of all the times he rolled the car. Yea, I mean its a Yugo, not exactly a Bentley or a Rolls Royce! He was also better looking in person and also a very nice guy! Well after that, my friend and I decided to leave, I really do not want to become the only stalker of Talk Philly. Even though Pat Ciarrocchi said it was okay for me to hang around because I am pretty (Thanks Pat!)

I am trying to get back to the set of the Silver Linings Playbook by the way. I contacted one of the girls I know that live in the neighborhood and she told me that they were indeed filming today, but all inside scenes again. I think that they will be doing at least one night shoot this week as I believe there are a couple night scenes in the film (don't quote me on this). So, I hope to get to the set on Wednesday, if not then Thursday for sure. Until then, Bye!!


  1. My son was an extra when they filmed Mighty Macs here. He thought it would never be released.

  2. Are you sure that Chris Tucker is not in the movie beacuse other website say on oct 6 2,011 that he has close the deal are you sure he is not is the sliver lings playbook , the charcter is playing is danny