Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Spoilerific Set Report

Ok so now that the Jersey Shore episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has aired, I can share a little more of the scoop from behind the scenes.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the infamous scene with Radioman and the other homeless guy...I did not want to say what they were doing before, but if you saw the episode, you KNOW what they were doing. If you missed the episode, check out the video below and Radioman will describe exactly what was filmed.

So I do indeed have footage of the actual Homeless 'event', but I did not post it on Youtube for obvious reasons...mainly because of the nudity and ewww. Watching it live was a bit like watching a train wreck...its hard to look away, but it was just sooooo wrong. Right after it was filmed, I walked back to the boardwalk where Radioman approached me and kissed my really he did! Then, Rob McElhenney approached me and here was our discussion:

Rob: Way worse than you think
Me: I know I saw and Radioman kissed my hand
Rob: You should probably go wash that hand

I promptly ran to the ocean and rinsed it off :)

No really, Radioman is actually a really cool guy and next time you are watching a film taking place in New York City or Philadelphia...if there is some homeless guy in it, it is probably Radioman. He told me that he is set to appear in The Dark Knight Rises due out next year.

The other scene that I did not disclose information on back in June was the scene between Charlie and the Waitress. In the show, the two hung out together and had a bunch of really cute scenes watching fireworks and looking for trash on the beach. I kind of figured that the Waitress was either drunk or stoned because she was being extra nice to Charlie. In fact, she was on Ecstasy.

Fun fact for you guys, right before they started the fireworks scene between the two of them, all of the power went out on the beach for the production, it took them about a half hour to fix the problem. It actually happened right as they said 'rolling'. It had been a long day and it was the last shot of the day, so everyone was kind of frantic for that time. Luckily, they fixed the problem pretty quick and were able to finish filming. It was really fun to watch the cute exchange between Charlie and the Waitress, especially because the two are married in real life.

Ok guys, so thats the insight that I left out back in June, hope you all enjoyed the additional behind the scenes tidbits I have shared with you all...Until next time!

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