Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Backwards More Filming Updates

I am turing out to be the number one extra in the feature film, Backwards, currently being filmed in Philadelphia. As you all know by now, backwards is the latest movie being filmed in the area starring Dawnson's Creek alum, James Van Der Beek. The film is also written, produced, and co-starring local Sarah Megan Thomas. The film is directed by Philadelphia's own Ben Hickernell who recently worked on the award winning film, Lebanon, PA.

Myself on the other hand, I am playing extra #24 aka brownie girl aka student aka whatever, but that doesn't mean that I am not having a great time! So on Sunday, we filmed a party scene on boathouse row and I was given chocolate cake as a prop. I was wearing a fun dress that looks a little Stepford, but I rocked it! I think that I was seen by the camera pretty well and I am excited for that. I can't say what exactly that scene was, but below is a picture from Perez Hilton that was taken on the day by none other than the man himself, HughE dillon aka phillychitchat.
On Monday, we filmed two short things, but also waited in an unconditioned room for 6 hours. Our call time was 8:00am! We filmed a short Scene at around 9:00am at the waterworks which was fun because I actually got to take pictures during the scene. I played a tourist out with my friends and we got our picture taken... As seen below.

I took a few other little pictures on the set since I was actually allowed to that day... You know for my character and all.

After that, we were going to film outside of the Art Museum, but they used natural people that were already outside at the time for that scene and were saving us for interiors. So we waited at holding... For 6 hours, no tv, no air... but we were all really tired. We somehow began discussing films and got on the topic of the epic 1982 Scott baio film, Zapped... Haven't seen it? well watch it... It will blow your mind! After lunch we finally went to the Art Museum for interiors. We were pretty much all wearing glasses to look "art chic"

They also made us wait at the museum in the large staircase room, but we took to planking to keep us occupied.

Tuesday was a much better day. We actually watched Zapped for about 30 minutes and then left for the set at the spectators seats along the river. I actually managed to get HughE in as an extra and he really enjoyed actually being a part of a production rather than hiding in the background. So Phillychitchat will make his big screen debut in Backwards! There were about 70 extras on set as compared to monday's 13. We were basically instructed to cheer for Union, the fake school made up for the movie.

The real fun came between takes though. While we were not filming we decided to make up unions second club, the car honking club and even managed to get a train to blow the horn for us... Huge success. I was naturally the president, but the club had 5 members and a school mascot! We were sadly overshadowed by the more famous club at Union, rowing. In between takes we also decided to cheer on random scullers with horns and cowbells... Even causing a few to stop rowing and stare in utter confusion! Whenever we ran out of scullers, we cheered on anything... Ducks, hawks... Even the extras director, Tim! The best thing was it wasnt even just 5 or 6 people doing it... It was all 70 extras just cheering on whatever! We even managed to plank! It was another long day, but we got pizza and we were outside having a good time.Wow that was a long post! So I think that I have one more day of filming next week and the backwards goes away! Thanks for reading!

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