Monday, July 18, 2011

Backwards Movie Extra Filming: My Experience

So this is going to be hard without getting into a lot of detail. I want to tell you guys everything, but I can't because of the whole disclosure thing and all. But I will tell you guys a little bit of info, just so you can spot me in the movie.

So I got to the set at around 2pm for my 2:30pm call. It was a scene involving food, and I was excited because my prop was a YUMMY brownie!! I kept eating my prop..screw continuity. No, really, I took small bites not to mess up continuity. But I was standing right next to one of the principle actors in the scene for a second which was cool. If you guys end up watching the film, in the scene I was wearing a yellow, blue, and white plaid sundress with navy leggins and a navy cardigan. Closer to the release of the film, I will tell you exactly which scene. I was playing a high schooler eating a the math ;)

Well thats about all that I can say...I know no fun, but I do not want to get into trouble. Do not ask me locations for this one project because I am not giving them out...any other project I am not associated with, I would, but this is different. I will try to tell you some other little things like I did today, but no specifics. I believe I am also an extra on Thursday and I get to dress up a bit which is always fun!! Again, do not ask for locations because I am not allowed to say! Ok thats all guys!

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