Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 1 - June 17, 2011

Ok hey everyone! Thought I would post my experiences from the first day of Wizard World in Philadelphia. I am obviously starting with day 1 and over the next 3 days I will post more and more from each day. Sorry if this writing is not up to par, because I am extremely tired from this crazy weekend and I am doing the best I can, hopefully I do the event justice!

So on day 1 I got the to the event around 1:30 with my friend, Mike...we were dressed as the Doctor and Amy Pond from Doctor Who... we looked pretty good in my opinion. The event was not too crowded on Friday, thankfully, but there was still a lot to see. As usual I am most interested in the cosplay and of course the celebrities, because I know you all love to hear about the celebs. The first day I did not do too many things besides walk around and get my picture taken...I love photos :) The highlight of the day was when my friend Mike approached a stormtrooper thinking it was a mannequin and was a bit shocked and embarrassed when the guy started to move, nice going! Of course I got this on video which you can find on my youtube...I plan to post the video on the blog along with day three stuff.

Right before we left for the first day, I saw the Stay Puft marshmellow I wondered who would be so awesome to make a Stay Puft costume and was shocked to hear him say through his mask, we are friends on facebook...apparently I knew Stay cool! It was actually my good friend Aaron. As you will see over the next few days of blogging I am friends with a lot of the best cosplayers!

Yea, I know, day 1 is short, but like I said we did not do to much partially because my friend Mike is not into these kinds of things that much (I know, BOO!)... more stuff happened on days 2 and 3 so stay tuned for that! Until tomorrow!!

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