Monday, March 14, 2011

March Update

Hello faithful readers and followers! Sorry I have not posted anything lately, but do not think that I have forgotten about you! All is well here and I have not been on recently because you guessed it, nothing is filming in the city!!

I have been keeping busy with other things though...I recently went to the staff party at Lincoln Financial Field because I work for the Eagles which was a joy as always! I am planning a trip to AC on the 24th with some girlfriends...yay! Maybe I will give you all a short post about that too! Oh and there is going to be a giant pillow fight in the city on April 2, so expect me to go to that! I will post a little something about that as well...The group is called Urban can find them on facebook.
Mainly I just wanted to come on here and say thanks for all of the traffic on the site...I have recieved almost 400,000 hits in a year...never ever did I think that would be possible so thanks so much!
So thanks again and when filming resumes in the city, you know I will be there! Bye for now!

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