Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preview of Tony Luke, Jr.'s new Eagles Mania Show

Just got this link on facebook thought I would share it.... it is the opening for Tony Luke, Jr.'s new Eagles Mania show!!


Future Weather Set Visit Day 1

Hey everyone! Just got back from visiting the Future Weather film set. I was only able to stay for about an hour, but I got some good tidbits about the film during that time.

I keep mentioning how the film is a green set and today I found out more about what that meant. The cast and crew do not use water bottles as that creates a lot of waste; instead they all carry around red water thermoses that they can refill when they need a drink. They also recycle and teamed up with Philly Compost and have a lot of signs telling them what they can put into each trash receptacle. In lieu of using a lot of artificial lighting to light the set, they often open doors and use natural lighting as much as possible. Today they were filming inside of a house and I noticed that most of the lights inside the house were off and doors and windows just had the blinds open so more natural lighting could come in. Usually in films, there is an abudent amount of false lighting to light a scene.

The actual scene I saw them film was really short. It involved Perla Haney Jardine's character coming down the stairs on the house, rounding a corner and revealing Amy Madigan mopping up water after their basement flooded. Both characters were clothed in pajama type clothes. Madigan's character says 'He asked me to marry him' and the scene ended there.

Both actresses were very friendly arriving on set in positive spirits ready to film. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and enjoyed working on the film. As soon as the cameras began to roll, they seemed to light up the screen.

The house they were filming in is actually for sale and when they began using it, it was totally empty. The art department filled the house with somewhat retro old and simple looking props and furniture. Nothing in the house really stood out and all the props were very earthy/neutral colored.

Everyone on the set was very friendly and eager to answer questions. I only managed to get a few pictures, mainly of the crew because I am not able to really take pictures or videos of the actual filming this time around.

Hopefully, I will be able to visit the set tomorrow for about an hour and get a few decent shots of the trailer they are shooting at. The trailer is in more of a field/wooded area, but I hope to get some shots of the trailer itself. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tony Luke, Jr.'s Eagles Mania and Future Weather

Hey guys, quick update on stuff today. I wanted to start by mentioning some fun stuff I found out while working at Lincoln Financial Field during the first Eagles preseason game of the 2010 season. If you remember, I got the chance to meet local celebrity, restaraunt owner, and film star, Tony Luke, Jr. at Wizard World in June, well I saw him again at the game...with a camera crew! I knew he was planning a late night Eagles show, but I did not know he would be there to film for the show. Naturally, I asked him about the show, and get this, he remembered me from Wizard World (he called me the girl with the gun). Anyway, he told me that the show is to be called Tony Luke's Eagle-Mania and it premieres September 11 at midnight on 6ABC. So make sure to check it out and support Tony Luke, Jr.!!!!

Here is a picture I borrowed from Tony's facebook page from the first preseason game when he was filming....fun times!!!

You can always check out Tony Luke, Jr.'s feature film, The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone....it is an amazing movie and Tony really does a phenomenal job bringing the story to life on film. Plus it was filmed in Philadelphia, duh!!! Or just go get a cheesesteak from his restaurant :)

Make sure you become a fan of Tony on facebook and support him!!! Click here to check out his facebook.

Also tomorrow I will be on set of the newest movie to be filming in Philadelphia, Future Weather. I will be tweeting the going-ons and of course taking pictures and videos from the day's events. Make sure to check back tomorrow to find out all the juicy details and gossip from the filming. They will be filming a church scene tomorrow so we shall see how it goes. Also remember that this is a green and environmentally conscious set so it will be really interesting to see what measures they are taking to help the environment and how it differs from other film sets. Click here to read more about the movie and visit the film blog here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Safe Movie Filming in September / October in Philadelphia

There is word that another major motion picture is coming to shoot in Philadelphia in September and/or October. The film stars Jason Statham )The Transporter) and it is being directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans). The movie is called SAFE and not too much is known about it yet except for the fact that Heery Casting is auditioning Mandarin and Cantonese speaking actors. I will be sure to report any more information I come across about this project in the coming months.

Finally More Filming in Philaddelphia! - Future Weather

So finally more filming comes to Philadelphia. The film is far from big budget, which in this case is a good thing as the entire production is going green. The movie, entitled Future Weather and it focuses on a 13 year old named Laduree that is obsessed with science and trees because she believes she can save the world from global warming. Laduree takes refuge in nature while her mother abandons her to pursue her dreams. The film is character driven and connects three generations of women as they face the hurdles of finding themselves during various times of their lives.

Future Weather begins shooting today (Monday) and will be in the Philadelphia area for five weeks. The film stars Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under and Say Anything) and Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams) as well as newcomer 13-year-old Perla Haney-Jardine. The producer of the film, Kristin Fairweather and writer/director Jenny Deller have teamed up with local businesses to create a green film set with organic and locally sourced food and they are also trying to utilize reusable and renewable products to maintain a green set.

When I have the chance and I find out a filming location, I would be more than happy to visit the set and find out more about the project. I am personally especially excited for this project as I am very enviromentally conscious. With some hope, this film might actually make Philadelphia and its residents more aware of their carbon footprint.

You can find out more about the project by visiting www.futureweathermovie.com/