Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming Report 6-22

Today I was fortunate enough to go to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia set as they gang were filming season 6....and might I say what a long day!! First this morning, they were filming outside of Maggiano's in center city Philadelphia. I was not up in time to go to that set, and I hear it was really crowded anyway, so whatever, but I did go to the set at Moyamansing and Mifflin in South Philly.

It was rather quiet at first, only about 10 people, by the end of the day there were about 150 people around. The gang arrived around 1:30 and were going to be doing a shot that involved their Range Rover going around the block, but the camera truck that was pulling them overheated and was leaking anti-freeze (not good). So the production was halted for about 30 minutes and they decided to just drive the car with the camera attached to it. Mad props to Glenn Howerton for driving with that on the car and acting at the same time! Also on set today was Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis playing the role of Smitty.

The first episode they filmed was actually Episode 9 of Season 6 called 'The Gang Gets a New Member' The episode basically involves the gang getting a new member by the name of Smitty. The gang go to Smitty's house and his mom answers the door. In the past they insulted him and try to make amends, but his mom says Smitty died. All of a sudden Smitty appears and jumps down a flight of stairs and says surpise!!. They all decide to go out to get some lunch. Mac, Dennis, Frank, and Smitty all go out to eat at Maggianos all dressed up and try to officially make Smitty a member of their gang by presenting him with a sterling silver clover ring. The other three guys have them as well and when they put their fists together it makes a four leaf clover. Smitty joins and Dennis orders food for everyone, but no one like what he orders so they all order fries instead of salad with prawns and Frank orders scramble eggs in a soup bowl. The guys have all these ceremonies for Smitty and are later the four are driving around in the car. Smitty somehow insults the gang and they try to push him out of the car and he reluctently gets out by himself and gives his friendship ring to Mac...Frank then yells 'Tell people we pushed you' as they peel out leaving Smitty behind. And there you have it episode 9.

Episode 9 filming

The gang also filmed episode 3 called 'White Trash' The episode is about a massive heat wave and the gang decide to open up a fire hydrant and dance around in the gushing water. And they did, and it was awesome!

Episode 3 Filming

The cast was really friendly during the shoot, signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone. They came over to talk to fans throughout the day which was cool. At one point Devito was behind a fence and I said to him "don't you feel like you are in a zoo" he replied "no the zoo is on your side" and I replied "you sure about that there is a sign over there that says dont feed the actors" he laughed and when I asked how the limencello business was going he said it was great but he keeps drinking all of the product. While filming episode 3....Glenn Howerton took a picture of me and my friend...cool!

I also want to give a big shoutout to Doc's Union Pub on 2nd street, great food and great drinks...I hung out there while waiting for the filming to start, great people in there!

Also check out http://paddyspub.blogs.fxnetworks.com/ for updates on the show and filming (I think I am gonna be on it, I made friends with the videographer!)

Thanks for tuning in! Tomorrow is the grand opening of Mac's Tavern!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming 6-21 and 6-22

Ok so the crew from It's Always Sunny is back in town filming their annual exterior shots in the area. The production today was located in a few locations from what I understand. I could not go to the set today because my boss decided not to give me the day off and make me work a stupid 5hr shift in the middle of the day...oh well. I am off tomorrow and all ready to go find the set!!!

Anyway from the tweets and phone calls that I received today I was able to find out that the filming took place at Harrah's casino in Chester for the beginning portion of the day. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard made cameos during the filming at the casino as well. In a picture sent from Danny Devito's twitter ( @danny_devito), it seems that the two Phillies were involved in a scene that had to do with a Community Event for animals, and yes, that is Devito's TF (Troll Foot as he says).

Danny Devito was also spotted this afternoon around 15th and Sansom

According to Michael Klein's blog, the Insider. On Tuesday, the cast will take to the town with various filming locations in the city. So far it is believed that the whole cast will be working at Maggiano's Little Italy at 12th and Filbert Streets with the Reading Terminal Market in the background. There are also two locations in South Philly both of them near Moyamensing and Mifflin Streets.

On Wednesday, the entire cast will walk the red carpet as Rob McElhenney and co-star wife Kaitlin Olson will be celebrating the 'Grand Opening' of Mac's Tavern located at 226 Market Street in Old City. Sadly this is an invitation only event, and no I am not invited, booo!!

So tomorrow I will be doing my best to find the set and report everything I can. If you happen to see them PLEASE let me know via twitter so I can be on the set and let you all know what is happening. You can find me at www.twitter.com/phillyfilmgurl

Alright thats all for now!! Have a good night all!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 3

So today, Wizard World 2010 came to an end in Philadelphia and what a great weekend I had! Today was filled with more exciting adventures...and a blunder or two along the way...and NO SOUP FOR YOU!

So I got to the convention today around 12:30ish, a bit later today. I was dressed as Sookie Stackhouse today from True Blood since today is the season premiere (YES!!) The first picture is courtesy of http://www.mylatestdistraction.com/

I talked with a filmmaker by the name of Lonnie Martin again today that I spoke to yesterday about Doctor Who and I felt like I should give him a plug because he was a really cool guy and very talented! Check him out at http://www.lonniemartin.com/

Another costume I saw at the convention was another Doctor Who...yay! I had to get a picture with him...then his father proceeded to take a picture of me getting a picture, I don't know, but ok cool!

I also had one childhood dream come true because I yelled PORKCHOPS AND APPLESAUCE! at Christopher Knight aka Peter Brady just as he was leaving...he turned around and smiled, I think it was more of a death stare....just kidding....sadly I did not get this on tape, but trust me I did it! Speaking of Peter Brady, I mentioned on Twitter earlier that I think I can see the future! When I was about 15 or something I had a dream I saved Peter Brady with a Delorean...probably because I was watching Brady Bunch and then Back to the Future before bed two nights in a row. Anyway, both Peter Brady and a Delorean were at the show! How freaky is that??? Probably not that much since my precognition took almost 10 years to come true, but still WEIRD!!!

I also managed to squeeze in two interviews today. One of them was with Paris Themmen aka Mike TeeVee from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which went fairly well. I am not an experienced interviewer, so I manage alright. The other interview I did was with Gervase Peterson from Survivor, that interview was not so well because I actually screwed up his name! Sorry Gervase! He was still cool about it :)

By the end of the day...the place was really clearing out and I was able to take some interesting pictures including Jonny Fairplay and the Soup Nazi (Fairplay bought an autographed soup laddle for his grandmother I think, yea, the one that is 'dead'). I also got a shot of Paris Themmen and Gervase Peterson...so random! and of course just some all around fun pictures.

Wizard World 2010 was a blast and I am anxiously awaiting the fun next year!!!
Got to go watch the SERIES PREMIERE OF TRUE BLOOD!!!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Interview with Ernie Hudson at Wizard World

here you all go just for your enjoyment!

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 2

Wizard World Day 2 in one word. INSANE!!!!!

Today was great, I could not walk five feet without getting a picture taken! Still AWESOME!! It was so crowded today I could not get near any celebs to do an interview or anything! I dressed up today as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who and my friend Steve went as the Doctor. It was a lot of fun and tons of pictures were taken. Johnny Fairplay even wanted a picture of us....yes, Johnny Fairplay from Survivor. Tony Luke was even diggin our outfits and apparently his entourage watches Doctor Who. I am just pleasantly suprised that so many people in Philadelphia know about Doctor Who, I was really excited. Every age, gender, race of people were coming up to us for pictures...it really makes the show even more special to me! I saw a lot of great costumes today! I just can't wait for day three tomorrow.

I think I should also mention the most awesome costume I saw...and it is also from Doctor Who...a homemade DALEK! And he was in the costume all day! We left right before the costume contest...but Jake (the boy in the Dalek) won the contest so CONGRATS JAKE!!!! We also met other doctors...number 4 and number 6...so that was of course exciting as well! We were basically standing in one spot for about 30 minutes and had our photo taken about 500 plus times!!

Hopefully tomorrow it won't be as crowded (yea right)....and I will be able to get more celebrity pictures....I am getting kind of tired during the event, because it is exhausting....but crazy fun!!

Oh weird factoid from today - Jake Busey was in a KILT! cool!

I am a Heroes fan so I had to post these costumes of Peter and Sylar.

DAY 3 - LAST day TOMORROW!!! My costume is again a SUPRISE a lot of people will recognize it!!! Because the premiere of the show is tomorrow...crap I think I just gave it away!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 1

It's now June and that means Wizard World is in town again. I went today and there was a lot of fun action on Day 1. I met a lot of celebrities and some of them even local.

Today I talked to Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, he was a very nice guy. I got a video of me interviewing him and I will probably post that sometime once Wizard World is over. For now I am just posting some pictures.

No video or pictures were allowed of Adam West...very odd...autographs of him were also 60.00! A few friends of mine spoke to him, he was friendly. Linda Hamilton was there as well... I spoke briefly to her she was also extremely friendly. Actually I have nothing bad to say about any of the celebs.

I saw Mike T.V. there from Willy Wonka...he seemed to be watching videos on his iphone....ironic... after all these years!

They also had the Delorean from Back to the Future there and the Batmobile! I was excited to see both!

I also spoke with local celebrities Tony Luke and Brandon Dicamillo. Luke stated that there might not be too many films filming in Philadelphia because they cut out some of the funding for the tax breaks as far as filming in the city...which is bad for me :( He also stated that he is going to be in a few new movies coming out soon, one of which will be filming in Michigan. I spoke to Jackass star Brandon Dicamillo briefly today about how he always seems to manage to not get beat up on the show, he just said that he tries to avoid all that.

So as far as costumes go, today I was dressed up as Bella Swan from Twilight...I know....boo at me!! Sorry. Anyway, it looked really good and I even had my own Edward (he lost a bet). I was suprised that someone I interviewed last year even remembered me! So Cool!!

Just some pictures from today. More fun continues tomorrow at Wizard World Day 2. Follow me on twitter for live updates!

The videos from all three days will probably be posted sometime later this week!

Sorry there isnt a lot today...my computer is being all slow, hopefully either tomorrow or Sunday I will be able to post more stuff...if not by next week I will!