Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Dark Fields...Hello Jamie Foxx?

So, Dark Fields shot last night until the early morning at the Fox Street Studio. Retakes was being shot up until at least 3am. Some of the filming days this week at the studio have lasted 18 hours! I assume because today is the last day of filming, they were trying to squeeze everything they could into the final two days; tonight should be no different. Sadly, production will be wrapping tonight at the Studio and Dark Fields will be leaving. The wrap party is scheduled for this Sunday.

According to Michael Klein's Inqlings column in the Inquirer, Jamie Foxx is developing a TNT show for TNT called Miss Philly. Klein writes:

Jamie Foxx is part of a team developing a show for TNT called Miss Philly, a drama about the city's first female African American police commissioner, and if the show is green-lighted, the city would be in line to get production work. Sharon Pinkenson of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office is headed to L.A. next week to talk about this and other potential projects as well as to attend the annual Produced By conference run by the Producers Guild. (The impetus for Miss Philly has not been disclosed, but last year, Foxx got to meet the Philly PD and the DA's Office after a stalker tried to get into his Center City hotel room.)

Read more at Michael Klein's Inqlings
....and I promise I was not the stalker that tried to enter his hotel room ;)

Anyway, Wizard World is in about 15 days so stay tuned for a lot of updates around that time. For now, there might not be too many updates as nothing is currently in production in the city, but as soon as there is, you can expect more filming tidbits from PhillyFilmGirl!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dark Fields Update and other filming Stuff

Hey everyone! Thought I would update a little bit.

So I did not go to the set today, they were filming today at Palamor Restaurant at 17th and Sansom. I hear some people saw Bradley Cooper on set today entering and exiting the restaurant. I am waiting to hear about filming for tomorrow because I would love to go down there to see some more action before they leave town in 11 days.

Travel Channel's hit show, Food Wars was filming downtown this past weekend. The episode is a Philly Cheesesteak themed episode. The production was at Pat's Steaks on Friday and Tony Luke's on Saturday and the two places competed at the neutral Chickie and Petes on Sunday. I first saw this information in Michael Klein's column, Inqlings, in the Inquirer. I drove past Tony Luke's on Saturday and noticed the crowd outside was much greater than usual and I assumed that it was because of the filming, or people were just really hungry.

Don't forget...June usually means the beginning of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia filming. I haven't heard anything about filming yet, but in about three weeks something will surely start.

And of course, Wizard World Philadelphia is only a few short weeks away! I am really excited and I have three 'costumes' planned for the event. I am especially excited to use my brand new HD camera to film a short video about the event!!

Stay Tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bradley Cooper's next movie in Philly?

According to IMDB, Cooper's next film is called, Which Brings Me to You; This film is based off of the novel of the same title by Julianna Baggott and Steve Almond. The novel is about two strangers who meet at a wedding and exchange addresses so they can write each other (the old fashioned way) and tell each other about their lousy love lives.

What does this have to do with filming in Philadelphia?

Well, for one thing, the girl in the story (played by Kate Winslet) lives in Philadelphia and Cooper's character lives in New York City. Whether or not this will be filmed at least partially in Philadelphia is still up in the air. In any case, I just thought I would mention this film as it is a possibility that Cooper's next movie might be partially shot in Philadelphia as well.

Dark Fields Set Report 5-12-10

Filming for the Dark Fields continued today at 20th and Market and of course, I was on set. I got to set today around 1:30 and let me say that it was really weird seeing the set today. There were at least 20 NYC taxi cabs circling the block as well as various NYPD cars and even a MTA bus.
The SEPTA buses and Philly cabs were being redirected today to avoid going pass in the shot which was something they were not doing before at 16th and Market. The production turned the old AAA building on 20th and Market (or 7th ave and 54th street) into Edward Morra for New York Campaign headquarters complete with posters, banners, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, the whole nine. I really liked the t-shirts in the windows they said 'Gimme some Morra' very catchy!
The scene involved Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro talking while leaving the campaign headquarters and heading for a car. I found out the scene takes place toward the end of the film in which Eddie has sustained enough of the drug so that he does not have to go through the withdraw symptoms after a copious amount was supplied to him by a scientist.
For the scene Cooper had shorter and darker hair...and a lot of makeup. From what I could see they did cut his hair and gave him a cute little buffont, I guess it makes him look more political.

Deniro was also there, tripping all over the place; he almost fell a few times; I hear he is a bit of a klutz, but he was looking good as always. I managed to get quite a bit of pictures along with a friend, whose camera zoom proved far superior to mine.

Since combined with my friend's camera we took over 100 pictures, I am going to add them into a video with some footage from the day which can be seen below.

After today's shoot, the production moves to do some in studio work for about a week and then maybe some more restaurants. There is said to be at least one more exterior shot which will be taking place on Monday. Production in the city is said to end around May 28.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-10-10

I went to the set today for about an hour and a was too cold for me out there today, even though it was like 65. Anyway, I got to set around 3:45 and talked to some people on the set, mainly crazy fans like me that read my blog and my twitter :) (thanks btw!). The mean security guard guy with the aviators kept shooing me away...again, that dude needs to chill! Filming like I mentioned was at 15th and Chestnut at the Del Fresco restaurant.All I could see inside is some people toasting their glasses every five minutes (as seen below), don't know if they were a part of the main cast or extras, couldn't see much inside.
I also got a shot of Bradley's car with his driver inside...I talked to him for a bit too about how I was 'hit by a car in Los Angeles'... so cool right??!!The outside filming has taken place early this morning apparently right outside Del Fresco around 7 or 8 this morning I heard, hence the large lighting thing seen below.

Again, not much to report today, if I can I might go to the set tomorrow for a little bit, not long as I have to work tomorrow night. Tomorrow I hear they will be filmingat 20th and Market, most likely inside, sigh...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quick Update on Stuff

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick update for you all. Tomorrow the Dark Fields production moves to Del Fresco steakhouse located at 111 South 15th Street in Philadelphia. Both Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro will be filming there tomorrow (Monday).

It really is a beautiful location...these are two images above and below of Del Fresco.

I am going to try to go at some point tomorrow if I can, but no promises as I have a busy day planned. I got to go to the dentist and get my car fixed, but with some hope I may be able to swing by the set to take a few pictures. If not, I will be going to the set on Wednesday as long as I find out where they will be filming.

Also, Wizard World Philadelphia 2010 is coming up in just over one month. Although this is not really a filming location, I am planning on attending and reporting some of the fun on my blog. Confirmed guests to Wizard World this year include Bruce Campbell, William Shatner, James Marsters, Adam West, and Linda Hamilton just to name a few. Of course, I will be dressing up when I go, but you will all have to wait to see what I am going to be. :) . Its always a fun event that I recommend attending. It is being held June 11-13 this year and you can find out more information and buy tickets at CHECK IT OUT!!

Here is me last year at Wizard World 2009 (I dressed up as Alice Cullen in Twilight, yes I am a fan, sorry)

stay tuned for more filming updates!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-6-10

Today was a very eventful and interesting day on set of the Dark Fields. I arrived in town today around 10am and parked at 3rd and Chestnut because filming was taking place at Dolce and Paradigm restaurants, or so I thought. The first bunch of filming this morning actually took place at 16th and Market so I grabbed the eL to 16th and Market. I got there and there were at least a thousand people outside watching as Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro were filming the scene. I managed to get some video and pictures of them actually filming (SCORE!) was just so crowded. I don't know who the other guy and girl are, but he had a big scar on his face.They wrapped filming there at about 1pm and moved the production to 3rd and Chestnut. I got lucky today as I managed to get a free pass inside the restaurant where they were filming and Bradley Cooper was right next to me...sadly no pictures allowed. I did see some footage they were reviewing at the bar of a scene that was shot from overhead as a girl was yelling at a dishevelled Bradley Cooper (those ugly pictures of him I took are a good example). That scene seemed to be inside of some apartment building, very cool to see. I knew what they were doing there, but sadly I was late for my real job and I left before they even started filming :(....but right before I left, the power went out in the restaurant and then the back up generator went out as well. I was getting updates of what was happening while I was in work. Apparently in the scene Cooper uses his new smartness (is that a word?) to woo Anna Friel's character I believe and then they proceed to 'have some fun' in the bathroom. The scenes wrapped filming at about 8:15 and filming continues tomorrow. Sadly, I won't be going. This is inside the restaurant a shot of all the cameras...they did the sexy scene down the hallway in the back. They have bathrooms that have doors that are opaque when they are unlocked and get blurry when they are locked.
And the footage for the day is here

.... Stay tuned for more!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-5-10

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Good news! I finally got some footage of Robert Deniro!!
I got to set today (again at the Loews hotel) at around 12pm mainly because I knew they took their lunch break around 1pm. Before they came out I decided it would be a good oppurtunity to take some shots of trucks and stuff...because everyone loves trucks and stuff, right??

Right before they went to break, Bradley Coopers driver came over to me and said: "He is not coming out, they bought him a room, I feel sorry for you, I really do, you are not getting a picture." I replied: "Oh thats ok, I took pictures of trucks and stuff and made friends on set and I don't really care about pictures of them, I'm having fun just standing here." He kept saying how sorry he felt for me....But I stayed anyway. Cooper's driver is a nice guy and apparently he really did feel bad, but that was ok with me.

Right after talking to Mark (Cooper's driver), Deniro came out of the hotel when I was across the street and after two days of waiting I got distracted by someone talking to me and missed the picture!!!! I was rather upset. Luckily, I knew where his trailer was at, City Hall, and went there after stopping at Starbucks for a sandwich and a coffee, YUM! Right after I finished my sandwich, I was told to not take any pictures by more security people, lame! So I went to the other side of the large subway entrance and zoomed in my camera to get a shot of him...they couldn't stop me all the way over there! HAHA! Sorry its far, but his security acts like he is the pope or something, I dont know. Getting this was difficult.

And speaking of obnoxious trailers, Deniro brought in his own!! Cooper just uses the generic Haddads trailer, but Deniro's is like a house I swear!

Other random trailers here including Coopers in there somewhere.

The best story of the day came when I returned to set around 4:30. Apparently Deniro or someone he knows said that I am actually a crazy paparazzi chick from LA that actually got hit by a car to get a shot of him before, which is news to me considering I have never even been to California.. I was even on their bulletin to watch out for me...why?? I don't do anything, I don't even get paid! I just report on Philadelphia sets for my own interest and to let others know whats going on and filming in the city. HAHA! They banned me from the set for the day, don't know why...I was just standing there. I am probably not going back tomorrow because I am trying to keep a low profile, which is not working too well right now. I am probably going to hit up the set at least once more on Monday if I find out where they are filming.

Oh and I found this handsome picture of Cooper from about 2 weeks ago... enjoy!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-4-10

First off let me start by saying, May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars Day!

Filming today was moved to 12th and Market inside the Loews Hotel on the 33rd floor. I arrived on set today around 1:30 and just as I arrived, I noticed both black Chevy Tahoes were leaving the set, I even think I saw Deniro's arm! Impressive right? Anyway, I basically spent the entire day either walking around outside the set, talking to various workers, or walking around center city.

Not much happened today as most of the production remained inside while most of the Teamsters stood around and guarded trucks, exciting movie action right there! I did get a chance to talk to a few of the workers, all of whom where very pleasant and insightful about past filming and possible future locations. I found out today that apparently some of The Dark Fields was actually filmed outside and apparently the area outside the Art Museum will be in the film, which I don't know how they will disguise as New York.

I stayed downtown for about 5 hours today roaming on and off set. After walking around for a little while (I went and checked out base camp at City Hall where all the trailers were being kept), upon returning to the set I noticed both Deniro's driver and Cooper's driver were inside the Chevy Tahoes which I thought was a sign they might be coming out soon. I ended up standing and waiting for them for an additional hour before giving up, typically, I am not one to stand that long and do nothing. I figured tomorrow might be a better day. One funny thing was when one of the security guards told me at one point I could not stand around and I had to keep moving to which I replied that I had been standing around there for hours, he was a bit baffled and just repeated 'you can't stand around'.... so I moved five feet away and he just continued to stare at me. Nasty guy. All of the other set workers are all friendly...some even divuldged some juicy tidbits about future filming spots and I didn't even ask.

I will be returning to the set tomorrow morning at some point because apparently call time is 6:30..thats am...but don't expect me then, I'm crazy about movies, but not that much. If all goes well I should get downtown around 11am...ish.

Stay Tuned and thanks for reading!