Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Safe' Update for Next Week

Hey guys!!! So I was in Florida last week for Fantasy Fest and if you follow me on twitter (phillyfilmgurl)...you would have seen the crazy things I got up to...it was insanely fun!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick update and let you all know that 'Safe' with Jason Statham will be filming some night scenes next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am probably going to see them filming on Thursday as I found someone to accompany me on my stalker set visit...I'm not about to go alone. Filming will be taking part on Broad Street next week...not exactly sure where, but I figure it is somewhere in Center City, so I might have to drive around a bit until I see signs that say 'Road Closed for Filming' or something.

'Safe' already did some filming last week, on Halloween Sunday of all days... sadly for you and me, I was in Key West...but hey, I was in Florida. Still, I am disappointed I missed the filming as I saw a few videos on youtube and it looked awesome! I believe they filmed a few car chase scenes....too bad I missed out. It seems like the filming dates for the movie are sporatic and although they are filming until December sometime, it does not seem to be everyday.

Oh well guys, have a good week and expect to see some stuff next week!

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