Friday, November 19, 2010

Safe Filming Report for 11-18-10

Well guys, as I expected, filming for Safe last night was pretty cool. I got to the set around 9:30pm and stood around for a while before anything happened. The scene involved a bunch of NYPD cars.
One thing I noticed with action movies is that there is a lot more waiting around as the have to set up squibs (mini explosives used to show gun shots) and they practice many times before they actually shoot. Jason Statham was not on set last night and they were filming a bunch of fake NYPD shooting at the Bellevue hotel. On each take one of the drivers of the cop car would always get killed, I felt bad for him. Anyway, the scenes were pretty cool and I managed to get some good footage of the filming. After each take the crowd would applaud which was pretty funny. The crowd was not really that large considering they were filming right outside of the University of the Arts. I mean the loud explosions were pretty cool. The entire time I was there (about 3 hours) they only filmed about five takes. Like I said before, a lot of set ups. Jason statham was not there last night, but apparently he is returning next week. There was no door at the Bellevue because the cops either shot it out or someone was thrown through it. I managed to get some pictures inside the hotel. I walked into the hotel while the cast and crew were all on their lunch/dinner break and snapped a few pictures of various things inside holding.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my set visit. See you all next time!
The Footage

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