Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Safe Filming for the Next 3 Days on Broad Street

Hey everyone...again!

Good news about the filming for Safe....its going to be EPIC apparently.

According to the number 1 source for all things going on in Philadelphia, HughE Dillion aka Philly Chit Chat posted a lot of good stuff on his blog.

Apparently they are filming scenes tonight at the Bellevue in which Statham is getting thrown through a breakaway window and for the next few nights they are filming car stunt scenes with simulated gun fire....sweet! Broad Street (Center City) will be closed Wednesday thru Friday nights and the public can watch from a safe distance. Filming is going on thru the night and they break for dinner at 12:30am until 2:00am...sorry all, I am probably going to get going around midnight anyway. As I said before I will be there tomorrow night and I will report anything interesting I see. Stay tuned for that!!

If you want to check out PhillyChitChat I highly recommend it...HughE always has the best information and I use his site a lot....see ya later!

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