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Vampire Diaries Panel at New York Comic Con 2010

Hey there again! Welcome back for Day 4 of my New York Comic Con recap!

Today I am going to be discussing all the fun I had at the panel for the CW television show, The Vampire Diaries, which I LOVE! Whether you are a fan of the show or not feel free to read about the panel here....and hey, if the following recap makes you want to check out the show you can do so on the official website HERE and find out more about the actors on the show's imdb page HERE...or if you really want to be cool like me, just watch the show on the CW every Thursday at 8/7c.

Ok so I said yesterday, I arrived to the IGN theater a bit early and caught the end of the NIKITA panel (also on the CW right after the Vampire Diaries on Thursdays at 9/8c). A lot of fans showed up for the panel despite the fact that they have only aired about 6 episodes. Unfortunately, I do not watch the show, so basically all I got from the panel is that the beautiful Maggie Q does not consider herself a expert at martial artist, the fights on the show will be getting better, it also stars the guy from a Walk to Remember, and they fight a lot....yes I just butchered the entire show, sorry. After the end of the Nikita panel, it was time for The Vampire Diaries to take the stage!! They started about 20 minutes late which was really unfortunate, but it was a very informative panel. The panel was moderated by Carina Adly MacKenzie check her site out HERE [side note: Carina even put my videos on her blog! thanks for that!] Carina, you did a wonderful job at getting information and also trying to get information! Two of the producers, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, as well as four of the stars, Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), Sara Canning (Jenna Sommers), Katerina Graham (Bonnie Bennett), and Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert). Sara Canning and Katherina Graham were both so beautiful, Steven McQueen is really funny and adorable, and Zach Roering was adorable and texting on his phone :) Executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec teased so many things for the events to come on the show. They talked about the future of Katherine stating that the worst of Katherine is yet to come and she has not even begun to wreak havoc in the town of Mystic Falls. Williamson also stated about Katherine, she is very fun to have around, until she is not around anymore; possibly hinting the death of Katherine? If that is possible. In the episode that airs tonight, Katherine will be going super super game changer, according to Julie Plec. Although the lovely Nina Dobrev was not around, Williamson said that filming the Elena/Katherine scenes are tough and can take up a full day of shooting because it takes about 2 hours in makeup for Dobrev to get each look completed. They also said that they like keeping Katherine in the show as little as possible in order to maintain the mystique of the character and they do not want to spoil the magic by showing her too much on screen. In episode 9, the show travels back to 1492 to discover why Katherine is the way she is, so look forward to that. Jenna will also meet Katherine in one of the upcoming episodes so that should be fun! Regarding future deaths on the show, the producers teased that none of the people on the panel were safe and they were scared for some of them. So Bonnie, Matt, Jenna, or Jeremy might have some troubles coming their way in the future...and the actors might need to start looking for new jobs. Plec also said that they were very lucky Zach in particular was there with them that day.
When discussing certain characters that fans wanted to see on the show longer (Lexi and Anna) the producers stated who is to say that she is not coming back to the shows...and when an audience member shouted 'flashbacks' they nodded yes. So it is semi official that Lexi and Anna will be returning to the show in some flashback scenes. Even David Anders character might return. Williamson stated that he loved working with the man and because he has suc a pivotal role in the series (being Elena's father) he will at some point return.
Jeremy Gilbert is going to start stepping up in the next few episodes as well. As shown in the teaser for episodes 6 and 7, we see Jeremy clearing siding with the Salvatore brothers and with Alaric in an effort to defeat Katherine. Steven McQueen stated that he does not know why he would like to side with a guy that broke his neck, but he does anyway. McQueen also stated that he is going to possibly get closer to Tyler and feels like he has an upper hand knowing that Tyler is a werewolf, or rather has potential to be one. Fans just hope that Jeremy finally gets a love interest who stays around longer than six episodes without dying. Bonnie Bennett is also getting a love interest on the show, but rather than introduce a new character, she is going to be romantically involved with someone that she already knows, fans were yelling 'Damon' at this point. Bonnie will also be in a love traingle of sorts, the two interests are yet to be revealed. If it is a vampire, Bonnie is also 'genetically programmed' in a way to dislike and not trust vampires which is why she always seems so distant from their 'vampire politics'.
Not even the relationship of the show's most popular characters will be stable for much longer. Stefan was seen in the last episode drinking blood from Elena which Plec stated was beautiful and disgusting at the same time, but their relationship might get a bit bumpy in the future. All of the psychological things Katherine is doing to the pair begins to wear on their relationship and it will begin to crack. Williamson stated that although these two characters are 'soul mates' they need to find their souls first, mates will come later.

Check out below for the videos I took at the panel!!

and the CW preview for the upcoming episodes first shown at NY Comic Con

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