Sunday, October 10, 2010

New York Comic Con Upcoming Posts!

Hello faithful reader! Worst. Opening. Ever.

Sorry I have not been blogging too much as nothing is filming in Philly, however I travelled to the small town of New York City this past weekend and I attended New York Comic Con... the magical place where nerds and geeks can dress up in costume and not get slushied (I am talking to you, GLEE!)

I had a great time and the three days were so action packed I am probably going to do a few posts, over the next week to stretch it out...give you all daily updates and keep it fresh...and plus I don't want my fingers to bleed from typing all my adventures in one day! So here is a little schedule of the events I will be posting about during the next week.

Monday - Day 1 Adventures
Tuesday - Day 2 Adventures
Wednesday - Day 3 Adventures
Thursday - Vampire Diaries Panel Discussion
Friday - Corey Feldmen / Lost Boys Panel Discussion
Saturday - Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay

So faithful reader stay tuned to hear about all the great adventures I had this year at New York Comic Con!!

I still love you Philly, but to fill the void of nothing filming in Philadelphia, I really wanted to do something and decided that New York Comic Con was something I could cover and hopefully something will be filming here eventually.

Oh and by the way, the Jason Statham film, SAFE was filming in NYC while I was there so hopefully it will be making it's way to Philly to film in the next few weeks!!!


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