Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Comic Con 2010 Day 2 Report

Ok so let me tell you staying in a room with four boys is dangerous, I am talking to you Matt, Ed, and other Matt; you all snore really loudly!...Jeff not so much :) So I woke up around 5:15...in the morning. Could not sleep to much...and no I do NOT snore...I just make a lot of weird faces and noises when I sleep. Anyway, after breakfast we all got dressed, I made Matt dress up like the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who, which he HATED...and I was Amy Pond. Much like at Philadelphia Wizard World, Saturday was insanely crowded, the building was actually at capacity and being as tired as I was it was crazy. We started the day by going to some panels, I only went to one because I am not a fan of staying in one place for a long time. I did go to see Corey Feldman's panel mainly because he is awesome...more on that later in the week.
After a few panels the other guys decided to walk around. I hung with my Doctor because he warned me he was only keeping the costume on for a few hours. At one point a girl screamed at us because she was so excited to see our costumes, Matt was a bit frightened...he does not cosplay. We did manage to find a bunch of other Doctor Who people so there was a lot of other people excited to dress up like the characters. When I talked to some of the people dressed in Doctor Who gear and Top Gear :)... they did not know who I was supposed to be, baaaaad fans! Most did so that is cool.
After he took off his outfit I ventured off around Comic Con alone. Out of the thousands of people there, I managed to run into a guy I work with; his girlfriend and her sister are also cosplayers who make their own costumes.
Now apparently they changed the location of the Doctor Who booth which I really wanted to visit because I heard that the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann was going to be signing there, but alas he had to cancel, which was alright. After two days of searching, I finally found the booth and ended up buying a semi-full sized TARDIS!
My costume was such a hit that a lot of people wanted pictures with me! I was suprised because I did not even have a Doctor at this point. Other costumes I saw included a Quail Man, a few really good Static Shocks, Smallville Green Arrow, a Al from Home Improvement, Marty Mcfly, and a bunch of other costumes that you do not see a lot. In fact one cool thing I learned was that the creator of Quail Man approached the one kid dressed in the costume and thanked him for keeping the character alive, only at Comic Con.
It was really crowded at the venue so we decided to visit Times Square again...a place coincidentally, less crowded...yea. After visiting the dueling candy stores (M+M world and Hershey Store, Hershey is smaller but better because of the amazing aroma in the store), we returned to Comic Con for a little while longer. I saw people outside the Javitz center scalping tickets, yes scalping tickets! It just goes to show you how many nerds there are out there! The convention was just the place to be in the city this weekend. Ed and I really wanted to see the panel for Butters: An Evening of Chaos so we went down to the panel rooms around 7:45 for the panel that started at 8:15...that line was HUGE! I assume Butters is the coolest thing ever! Which of course, he pretty much is! We the room was already packed and they told us we pretty much could not get in to see Professor Chaos, even with my Press pass! So sad...so we went back to the hotel to get some food and well deserved sleep. Full video of all three days is coming up tomorrow.

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