Monday, October 11, 2010

New York Comic Con 2010 Day 1 Report

So thursday night i was so excited i only got about 2hrs of sleep so that was lame. On Friday morning a few friends an I drove to New York City to enjoy three exciting days at NY Comic Con 2010. We arrived at the hotel around 3pm and I put on my first costume of the weekend which was Jane from Twilight (Dakota fanning's character) and yes with the red contacts. After putting on my costume and dropping off our things we headed down to the Convention Center which was about 7 blocks from our hotel. It was already really crowded when we arrived and almost everyone was in some sort of costume or wearing a superhero shirt... It was any geek's dream. We decided to walk around and check out what we could.

I saw a lot of really cool video games due out soon. I am really excited to get the Michael jackson dancing game for the wii and the new Goldeneye game looks new and just like the original at the same time. Everywhere you looked people were testing new games.

I really thought the different things made out of Legos were really cool too...they even had a Lego Han Solo in Carbonite! I sadly didnt get a picture of that.

One of the highlights of the day for me, besides for buying hot roasted almonds was getting the chance to see the car from the new Green Hornet film starring Seth Rogan...they were also showing the trailer and it looks amazing in the 3D.

After looking at games we headed over to the second large room where some of the celebs were signing autographs. There were so many stars there that it was pretty much impossible to see them all. Just to name some, I saw Michelle Forbes from True Blood and Lou Ferigno who played the Hulk, they were all signing autographs and the lines were long, but seemed to move quickly.

Lots of awesome cosplayers at NYCC; I saw a lot of people dressed as some of the nostalgia critic characters, a lot of Doctor Who characters, endless Anime costumes, and of course tons of wonderful superhero costumes! Basically everywhere you walked or looked a mini photo shoot was going on in the aisles.

After a long day of travelling we all decided to leave the convention on Friday around 630 to get some food and I kind of regret doing that. Being a fan of Robot Chicken I really wanted to go to the panel at 6:45, but instead I had to watch it on YouTube. I found out not only did I miss Seth Green and the entire panel in silly hats, I also missed macauley culkin who showed up (big fan of party monster).

Much to the dismay of my friends we went to times square for food... They have never been to times square and didn't care but I forced them to go and they were unimpressed! We all had fun after dinner at hard rock when we visitied toys r us in times square... My red contacts scared a bunch of people including a little girl, she kind of jumped :). Sorry about that...anyway after that we went bsck to the hotel and went to bed. Great first day!

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