Friday, October 15, 2010

The Lost Boys 3: The Thirst Panel at New York Comic Con

Welcome to the final post for the New York Comic Con stuff that I am writing. There's a sentence right there!

Today I am discussing the panel for the Lost Boys 3: The Thirst panel with the man, the myth, the legend, Corey Feldman. The panel for the film was in one of the smaller rooms at it was at 10:45 in the morning, so naturally it was not too crowded which was nice. Feldman talked a lot about the new film which just came out on DVD and BluRay on Tuesday October 12....and yes I bought it. He also talked about other things like keeping in touch with previous costars and the tragic loss of Corey Haim.
The room itself was only about half filled...I sat in the front row, just as I did for the Vampire Diaries panel which was awesome. The panel started off with the opening scene for the new film in which Feldman's character Edgar Frog wakes up from a dream involving how his brother, Alan, played by Jamison Newlander, turned into a vampire. Already the film was looking much better than the second film, which Feldman himself said was horrible. Other clips of the ffilm were shown as well as some informative commentary by Feldman himself. When talking about the blood they get covered in numerous times for the film, Feldman said that they are usually creaking back to their trailers. When the 'blood' dries, it is almost impossible to get off of their bodies and is all together disgusting. Fun fact: the blood in just about every film is actually sugar!
Feldman also talked a lot about his band, Truth Movement. This month Feldman and his band will be doing four shows around the Los Angeles area which will be basically five hour concerts. First fans will have the chance to watch the original Lost Boys film from 1987 with Feldman and his band, then there will be a short Q+A followed by a full concert by Truth Movement. All of the concerts are taking place on the west coast, so we in Philadelphia will not have the chance to see this, sadly. Feldman was also asked if he still sees some of his former costars. He said that he had recently seen Jerry O'Connell at an event and they said hi to each other. He also said that he saw Heather Graham recently as well.

The thing I really wanted to go to the panel for was to see if Feldman talked about Haim at all. He mentioned a nice little story about him which can be seen in the video below. Feldman also made it a point to mention that Haim died on heart failure and not drug use. The panel was really fun to attend and Feldman stated that there would be more films in the franchise as long a the fans demanded them. One other really cool thing is that Feldman said that every single comment on his website, he reads them personally...that is really cool I think.

Check out the video below to see the footage I took of Corey Feldman at the panel!

Ok guys thats all I got for you about New York Comic Con is a really fun event and I encourage everyone to check it out next year. If you like movies, celebrities, games, and comics...then go and you will not forget the time you have!!!

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