Thursday, October 21, 2010

Filming Update / Key West

Hello everyone!

I got a few updates on stuff for you to read about. I am so rubbish at starting posts...oh well, on to the good stuff!

The indie film, 'The Discoverers' begins filming in the area soon. According to Michael Klein's blog, the film will be shooting in Croydon, Bristol, Newtown, New Hope, and Tyler State Park - plus a day in the city. The movie stars Griffin Dunne (After Hours, Who's That Girl), Cara Buono (The Sopranos, Mad Men), Stuart Margolin (The Rockford Files), Madeleine Martin (Californication), and David Rasche (Sledge Hammer!, Rubicon). The movie is comedy about a dysfunctional family recreating the expedition of Lewis and Clark. You can check out the trailer on the official website HERE

Another film coming to the area which I reported about a long time ago is the new Jason Statham movie entitled 'Safe'...shooting for the film finally is beginning in 3 days on October 24! The movie has been filming in New York City, in fact while I was there, but I did not go to the set at all. 'Safe' will be shooting in the area until about December and hopefully I will get a day to go to set at least once.

In other fun unrelated news, I am going to Key West, Florida next week for Fantasy Fest! I know its not movie/filming related, but it sure is a lot of fun so I think it is something I will have to blog/tweet about. I am not revealing my costumes, yes plural, but they are REVEALING, but conservative in comparison to people being straight up naked, yes naked. I leave on wednesday and I am staying for a week of fun and excitement!

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