Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future Weather Set Visit Day 1

Hey everyone! Just got back from visiting the Future Weather film set. I was only able to stay for about an hour, but I got some good tidbits about the film during that time.

I keep mentioning how the film is a green set and today I found out more about what that meant. The cast and crew do not use water bottles as that creates a lot of waste; instead they all carry around red water thermoses that they can refill when they need a drink. They also recycle and teamed up with Philly Compost and have a lot of signs telling them what they can put into each trash receptacle. In lieu of using a lot of artificial lighting to light the set, they often open doors and use natural lighting as much as possible. Today they were filming inside of a house and I noticed that most of the lights inside the house were off and doors and windows just had the blinds open so more natural lighting could come in. Usually in films, there is an abudent amount of false lighting to light a scene.

The actual scene I saw them film was really short. It involved Perla Haney Jardine's character coming down the stairs on the house, rounding a corner and revealing Amy Madigan mopping up water after their basement flooded. Both characters were clothed in pajama type clothes. Madigan's character says 'He asked me to marry him' and the scene ended there.

Both actresses were very friendly arriving on set in positive spirits ready to film. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and enjoyed working on the film. As soon as the cameras began to roll, they seemed to light up the screen.

The house they were filming in is actually for sale and when they began using it, it was totally empty. The art department filled the house with somewhat retro old and simple looking props and furniture. Nothing in the house really stood out and all the props were very earthy/neutral colored.

Everyone on the set was very friendly and eager to answer questions. I only managed to get a few pictures, mainly of the crew because I am not able to really take pictures or videos of the actual filming this time around.

Hopefully, I will be able to visit the set tomorrow for about an hour and get a few decent shots of the trailer they are shooting at. The trailer is in more of a field/wooded area, but I hope to get some shots of the trailer itself. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!!

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  1. Very nice article, I live down the hill from where they are shooting and think it's great they picked the Willow Grove area to shoot the film.