Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 3

So today, Wizard World 2010 came to an end in Philadelphia and what a great weekend I had! Today was filled with more exciting adventures...and a blunder or two along the way...and NO SOUP FOR YOU!

So I got to the convention today around 12:30ish, a bit later today. I was dressed as Sookie Stackhouse today from True Blood since today is the season premiere (YES!!) The first picture is courtesy of

I talked with a filmmaker by the name of Lonnie Martin again today that I spoke to yesterday about Doctor Who and I felt like I should give him a plug because he was a really cool guy and very talented! Check him out at

Another costume I saw at the convention was another Doctor Who...yay! I had to get a picture with him...then his father proceeded to take a picture of me getting a picture, I don't know, but ok cool!

I also had one childhood dream come true because I yelled PORKCHOPS AND APPLESAUCE! at Christopher Knight aka Peter Brady just as he was leaving...he turned around and smiled, I think it was more of a death stare....just kidding....sadly I did not get this on tape, but trust me I did it! Speaking of Peter Brady, I mentioned on Twitter earlier that I think I can see the future! When I was about 15 or something I had a dream I saved Peter Brady with a Delorean...probably because I was watching Brady Bunch and then Back to the Future before bed two nights in a row. Anyway, both Peter Brady and a Delorean were at the show! How freaky is that??? Probably not that much since my precognition took almost 10 years to come true, but still WEIRD!!!

I also managed to squeeze in two interviews today. One of them was with Paris Themmen aka Mike TeeVee from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which went fairly well. I am not an experienced interviewer, so I manage alright. The other interview I did was with Gervase Peterson from Survivor, that interview was not so well because I actually screwed up his name! Sorry Gervase! He was still cool about it :)

By the end of the day...the place was really clearing out and I was able to take some interesting pictures including Jonny Fairplay and the Soup Nazi (Fairplay bought an autographed soup laddle for his grandmother I think, yea, the one that is 'dead'). I also got a shot of Paris Themmen and Gervase random! and of course just some all around fun pictures.

Wizard World 2010 was a blast and I am anxiously awaiting the fun next year!!!
Got to go watch the SERIES PREMIERE OF TRUE BLOOD!!!!!


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