Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 2

Wizard World Day 2 in one word. INSANE!!!!!

Today was great, I could not walk five feet without getting a picture taken! Still AWESOME!! It was so crowded today I could not get near any celebs to do an interview or anything! I dressed up today as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who and my friend Steve went as the Doctor. It was a lot of fun and tons of pictures were taken. Johnny Fairplay even wanted a picture of us....yes, Johnny Fairplay from Survivor. Tony Luke was even diggin our outfits and apparently his entourage watches Doctor Who. I am just pleasantly suprised that so many people in Philadelphia know about Doctor Who, I was really excited. Every age, gender, race of people were coming up to us for really makes the show even more special to me! I saw a lot of great costumes today! I just can't wait for day three tomorrow.

I think I should also mention the most awesome costume I saw...and it is also from Doctor Who...a homemade DALEK! And he was in the costume all day! We left right before the costume contest...but Jake (the boy in the Dalek) won the contest so CONGRATS JAKE!!!! We also met other doctors...number 4 and number that was of course exciting as well! We were basically standing in one spot for about 30 minutes and had our photo taken about 500 plus times!!

Hopefully tomorrow it won't be as crowded (yea right)....and I will be able to get more celebrity pictures....I am getting kind of tired during the event, because it is exhausting....but crazy fun!!

Oh weird factoid from today - Jake Busey was in a KILT! cool!

I am a Heroes fan so I had to post these costumes of Peter and Sylar.

DAY 3 - LAST day TOMORROW!!! My costume is again a SUPRISE a lot of people will recognize it!!! Because the premiere of the show is tomorrow...crap I think I just gave it away!

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