Friday, June 11, 2010

Wizard World Philadelphia Day 1

It's now June and that means Wizard World is in town again. I went today and there was a lot of fun action on Day 1. I met a lot of celebrities and some of them even local.

Today I talked to Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, he was a very nice guy. I got a video of me interviewing him and I will probably post that sometime once Wizard World is over. For now I am just posting some pictures.

No video or pictures were allowed of Adam West...very odd...autographs of him were also 60.00! A few friends of mine spoke to him, he was friendly. Linda Hamilton was there as well... I spoke briefly to her she was also extremely friendly. Actually I have nothing bad to say about any of the celebs.

I saw Mike T.V. there from Willy Wonka...he seemed to be watching videos on his iphone....ironic... after all these years!

They also had the Delorean from Back to the Future there and the Batmobile! I was excited to see both!

I also spoke with local celebrities Tony Luke and Brandon Dicamillo. Luke stated that there might not be too many films filming in Philadelphia because they cut out some of the funding for the tax breaks as far as filming in the city...which is bad for me :( He also stated that he is going to be in a few new movies coming out soon, one of which will be filming in Michigan. I spoke to Jackass star Brandon Dicamillo briefly today about how he always seems to manage to not get beat up on the show, he just said that he tries to avoid all that.

So as far as costumes go, today I was dressed up as Bella Swan from Twilight...I at me!! Sorry. Anyway, it looked really good and I even had my own Edward (he lost a bet). I was suprised that someone I interviewed last year even remembered me! So Cool!!

Just some pictures from today. More fun continues tomorrow at Wizard World Day 2. Follow me on twitter for live updates!

The videos from all three days will probably be posted sometime later this week!

Sorry there isnt a lot computer is being all slow, hopefully either tomorrow or Sunday I will be able to post more stuff...if not by next week I will!

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