Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming Report 6-22

Today I was fortunate enough to go to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia set as they gang were filming season 6....and might I say what a long day!! First this morning, they were filming outside of Maggiano's in center city Philadelphia. I was not up in time to go to that set, and I hear it was really crowded anyway, so whatever, but I did go to the set at Moyamansing and Mifflin in South Philly.

It was rather quiet at first, only about 10 people, by the end of the day there were about 150 people around. The gang arrived around 1:30 and were going to be doing a shot that involved their Range Rover going around the block, but the camera truck that was pulling them overheated and was leaking anti-freeze (not good). So the production was halted for about 30 minutes and they decided to just drive the car with the camera attached to it. Mad props to Glenn Howerton for driving with that on the car and acting at the same time! Also on set today was Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis playing the role of Smitty.

The first episode they filmed was actually Episode 9 of Season 6 called 'The Gang Gets a New Member' The episode basically involves the gang getting a new member by the name of Smitty. The gang go to Smitty's house and his mom answers the door. In the past they insulted him and try to make amends, but his mom says Smitty died. All of a sudden Smitty appears and jumps down a flight of stairs and says surpise!!. They all decide to go out to get some lunch. Mac, Dennis, Frank, and Smitty all go out to eat at Maggianos all dressed up and try to officially make Smitty a member of their gang by presenting him with a sterling silver clover ring. The other three guys have them as well and when they put their fists together it makes a four leaf clover. Smitty joins and Dennis orders food for everyone, but no one like what he orders so they all order fries instead of salad with prawns and Frank orders scramble eggs in a soup bowl. The guys have all these ceremonies for Smitty and are later the four are driving around in the car. Smitty somehow insults the gang and they try to push him out of the car and he reluctently gets out by himself and gives his friendship ring to Mac...Frank then yells 'Tell people we pushed you' as they peel out leaving Smitty behind. And there you have it episode 9.

Episode 9 filming

The gang also filmed episode 3 called 'White Trash' The episode is about a massive heat wave and the gang decide to open up a fire hydrant and dance around in the gushing water. And they did, and it was awesome!

Episode 3 Filming

The cast was really friendly during the shoot, signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone. They came over to talk to fans throughout the day which was cool. At one point Devito was behind a fence and I said to him "don't you feel like you are in a zoo" he replied "no the zoo is on your side" and I replied "you sure about that there is a sign over there that says dont feed the actors" he laughed and when I asked how the limencello business was going he said it was great but he keeps drinking all of the product. While filming episode 3....Glenn Howerton took a picture of me and my friend...cool!

I also want to give a big shoutout to Doc's Union Pub on 2nd street, great food and great drinks...I hung out there while waiting for the filming to start, great people in there!

Also check out http://paddyspub.blogs.fxnetworks.com/ for updates on the show and filming (I think I am gonna be on it, I made friends with the videographer!)

Thanks for tuning in! Tomorrow is the grand opening of Mac's Tavern!!

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  1. Thank you for posting these videos, I'm so glad to see what I missed after I left! My boyfriend was exhausted and wanted to go home, so we did after I met Charlie. But I can't believe I missed naked, wet Charlie! GOOD LORD! Thank god for video :)