Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming 6-21 and 6-22

Ok so the crew from It's Always Sunny is back in town filming their annual exterior shots in the area. The production today was located in a few locations from what I understand. I could not go to the set today because my boss decided not to give me the day off and make me work a stupid 5hr shift in the middle of the day...oh well. I am off tomorrow and all ready to go find the set!!!

Anyway from the tweets and phone calls that I received today I was able to find out that the filming took place at Harrah's casino in Chester for the beginning portion of the day. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard made cameos during the filming at the casino as well. In a picture sent from Danny Devito's twitter ( @danny_devito), it seems that the two Phillies were involved in a scene that had to do with a Community Event for animals, and yes, that is Devito's TF (Troll Foot as he says).

Danny Devito was also spotted this afternoon around 15th and Sansom

According to Michael Klein's blog, the Insider. On Tuesday, the cast will take to the town with various filming locations in the city. So far it is believed that the whole cast will be working at Maggiano's Little Italy at 12th and Filbert Streets with the Reading Terminal Market in the background. There are also two locations in South Philly both of them near Moyamensing and Mifflin Streets.

On Wednesday, the entire cast will walk the red carpet as Rob McElhenney and co-star wife Kaitlin Olson will be celebrating the 'Grand Opening' of Mac's Tavern located at 226 Market Street in Old City. Sadly this is an invitation only event, and no I am not invited, booo!!

So tomorrow I will be doing my best to find the set and report everything I can. If you happen to see them PLEASE let me know via twitter so I can be on the set and let you all know what is happening. You can find me at

Alright thats all for now!! Have a good night all!!

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