Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Dark Fields...Hello Jamie Foxx?

So, Dark Fields shot last night until the early morning at the Fox Street Studio. Retakes was being shot up until at least 3am. Some of the filming days this week at the studio have lasted 18 hours! I assume because today is the last day of filming, they were trying to squeeze everything they could into the final two days; tonight should be no different. Sadly, production will be wrapping tonight at the Studio and Dark Fields will be leaving. The wrap party is scheduled for this Sunday.

According to Michael Klein's Inqlings column in the Inquirer, Jamie Foxx is developing a TNT show for TNT called Miss Philly. Klein writes:

Jamie Foxx is part of a team developing a show for TNT called Miss Philly, a drama about the city's first female African American police commissioner, and if the show is green-lighted, the city would be in line to get production work. Sharon Pinkenson of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office is headed to L.A. next week to talk about this and other potential projects as well as to attend the annual Produced By conference run by the Producers Guild. (The impetus for Miss Philly has not been disclosed, but last year, Foxx got to meet the Philly PD and the DA's Office after a stalker tried to get into his Center City hotel room.)

Read more at Michael Klein's Inqlings
....and I promise I was not the stalker that tried to enter his hotel room ;)

Anyway, Wizard World is in about 15 days so stay tuned for a lot of updates around that time. For now, there might not be too many updates as nothing is currently in production in the city, but as soon as there is, you can expect more filming tidbits from PhillyFilmGirl!!

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