Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-6-10

Today was a very eventful and interesting day on set of the Dark Fields. I arrived in town today around 10am and parked at 3rd and Chestnut because filming was taking place at Dolce and Paradigm restaurants, or so I thought. The first bunch of filming this morning actually took place at 16th and Market so I grabbed the eL to 16th and Market. I got there and there were at least a thousand people outside watching as Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro were filming the scene. I managed to get some video and pictures of them actually filming (SCORE!) was just so crowded. I don't know who the other guy and girl are, but he had a big scar on his face.They wrapped filming there at about 1pm and moved the production to 3rd and Chestnut. I got lucky today as I managed to get a free pass inside the restaurant where they were filming and Bradley Cooper was right next to me...sadly no pictures allowed. I did see some footage they were reviewing at the bar of a scene that was shot from overhead as a girl was yelling at a dishevelled Bradley Cooper (those ugly pictures of him I took are a good example). That scene seemed to be inside of some apartment building, very cool to see. I knew what they were doing there, but sadly I was late for my real job and I left before they even started filming :(....but right before I left, the power went out in the restaurant and then the back up generator went out as well. I was getting updates of what was happening while I was in work. Apparently in the scene Cooper uses his new smartness (is that a word?) to woo Anna Friel's character I believe and then they proceed to 'have some fun' in the bathroom. The scenes wrapped filming at about 8:15 and filming continues tomorrow. Sadly, I won't be going. This is inside the restaurant a shot of all the cameras...they did the sexy scene down the hallway in the back. They have bathrooms that have doors that are opaque when they are unlocked and get blurry when they are locked.
And the footage for the day is here

.... Stay tuned for more!!!

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