Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-5-10

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Good news! I finally got some footage of Robert Deniro!!
I got to set today (again at the Loews hotel) at around 12pm mainly because I knew they took their lunch break around 1pm. Before they came out I decided it would be a good oppurtunity to take some shots of trucks and stuff...because everyone loves trucks and stuff, right??

Right before they went to break, Bradley Coopers driver came over to me and said: "He is not coming out, they bought him a room, I feel sorry for you, I really do, you are not getting a picture." I replied: "Oh thats ok, I took pictures of trucks and stuff and made friends on set and I don't really care about pictures of them, I'm having fun just standing here." He kept saying how sorry he felt for me....But I stayed anyway. Cooper's driver is a nice guy and apparently he really did feel bad, but that was ok with me.

Right after talking to Mark (Cooper's driver), Deniro came out of the hotel when I was across the street and after two days of waiting I got distracted by someone talking to me and missed the picture!!!! I was rather upset. Luckily, I knew where his trailer was at, City Hall, and went there after stopping at Starbucks for a sandwich and a coffee, YUM! Right after I finished my sandwich, I was told to not take any pictures by more security people, lame! So I went to the other side of the large subway entrance and zoomed in my camera to get a shot of him...they couldn't stop me all the way over there! HAHA! Sorry its far, but his security acts like he is the pope or something, I dont know. Getting this was difficult.

And speaking of obnoxious trailers, Deniro brought in his own!! Cooper just uses the generic Haddads trailer, but Deniro's is like a house I swear!

Other random trailers here including Coopers in there somewhere.

The best story of the day came when I returned to set around 4:30. Apparently Deniro or someone he knows said that I am actually a crazy paparazzi chick from LA that actually got hit by a car to get a shot of him before, which is news to me considering I have never even been to California.. I was even on their bulletin to watch out for me...why?? I don't do anything, I don't even get paid! I just report on Philadelphia sets for my own interest and to let others know whats going on and filming in the city. HAHA! They banned me from the set for the day, don't know why...I was just standing there. I am probably not going back tomorrow because I am trying to keep a low profile, which is not working too well right now. I am probably going to hit up the set at least once more on Monday if I find out where they are filming.

Oh and I found this handsome picture of Cooper from about 2 weeks ago... enjoy!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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