Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-4-10

First off let me start by saying, May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars Day!

Filming today was moved to 12th and Market inside the Loews Hotel on the 33rd floor. I arrived on set today around 1:30 and just as I arrived, I noticed both black Chevy Tahoes were leaving the set, I even think I saw Deniro's arm! Impressive right? Anyway, I basically spent the entire day either walking around outside the set, talking to various workers, or walking around center city.

Not much happened today as most of the production remained inside while most of the Teamsters stood around and guarded trucks, exciting movie action right there! I did get a chance to talk to a few of the workers, all of whom where very pleasant and insightful about past filming and possible future locations. I found out today that apparently some of The Dark Fields was actually filmed outside and apparently the area outside the Art Museum will be in the film, which I don't know how they will disguise as New York.

I stayed downtown for about 5 hours today roaming on and off set. After walking around for a little while (I went and checked out base camp at City Hall where all the trailers were being kept), upon returning to the set I noticed both Deniro's driver and Cooper's driver were inside the Chevy Tahoes which I thought was a sign they might be coming out soon. I ended up standing and waiting for them for an additional hour before giving up, typically, I am not one to stand that long and do nothing. I figured tomorrow might be a better day. One funny thing was when one of the security guards told me at one point I could not stand around and I had to keep moving to which I replied that I had been standing around there for hours, he was a bit baffled and just repeated 'you can't stand around'.... so I moved five feet away and he just continued to stare at me. Nasty guy. All of the other set workers are all friendly...some even divuldged some juicy tidbits about future filming spots and I didn't even ask.

I will be returning to the set tomorrow morning at some point because apparently call time is 6:30..thats am...but don't expect me then, I'm crazy about movies, but not that much. If all goes well I should get downtown around 11am...ish.

Stay Tuned and thanks for reading!

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