Monday, May 10, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 5-10-10

I went to the set today for about an hour and a was too cold for me out there today, even though it was like 65. Anyway, I got to set around 3:45 and talked to some people on the set, mainly crazy fans like me that read my blog and my twitter :) (thanks btw!). The mean security guard guy with the aviators kept shooing me away...again, that dude needs to chill! Filming like I mentioned was at 15th and Chestnut at the Del Fresco restaurant.All I could see inside is some people toasting their glasses every five minutes (as seen below), don't know if they were a part of the main cast or extras, couldn't see much inside.
I also got a shot of Bradley's car with his driver inside...I talked to him for a bit too about how I was 'hit by a car in Los Angeles'... so cool right??!!The outside filming has taken place early this morning apparently right outside Del Fresco around 7 or 8 this morning I heard, hence the large lighting thing seen below.

Again, not much to report today, if I can I might go to the set tomorrow for a little bit, not long as I have to work tomorrow night. Tomorrow I hear they will be filmingat 20th and Market, most likely inside, sigh...


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