Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 4-29-10

So I went to set again today early this morning. I arrived around 9am and hung around for about an hour and a half before they actually started filming. During that time I met up with HughE Dillion (iphillychitchat) and talked a bit before he had to leave. Jennifer Fredricks was also there from Fox29 with high hopes of seeing Robert Deniro, I sadly broke the news to her that he is not coming back to town until Monday and returned to NYC yesterday. The production was once again at 16th and Sansom street (The Happy Rooster) and apparently they were doing reshoots because the footage they there before was not satisfactory. There was an average sized production and the line of trailers and trucks and everything stretched all the way down until about 19th street.

I tried to find out what I could about production but they are getting very closed lipped about everything it seems. The one security guard did tell me that a few days ago some guy had a bloody hand and a bloody shirt and looked like he had been in a fight of some sort, which fits with the fact that this is a thriller. Some security was friendly and allowed a few people including myself to snap a few pictures of the production.

Around 10:45 this morning, Bradley Cooper finally emerged looking rather haggard and dishevelled; pretty ugly actually. He walked about 2 blocks from his trailer and went right into the Happy Rooster.

While they were inside filming for about and hour and a half I walked around set for a bit and realized that the bathrooms were labeled 'Lucy' and 'Desi', I thought that was cute.
I managed to get a shot of the director of the film, Niel Burger, who I was calling Cheese Burger because it is a much cooler name. :) He is in the plaid shirt.

Anyway, Bradley Cooper came out for about five minutes and was talking to some of the crew and it was really hard to get a good shot of him up close, but I tried. Unfortunately I had to get to my real job and left just as he went back inside to film a second scene. I managed to get the following shots of Cooper during his break.

Production continues tomorrow at the Navy Yard down by the stadiums in the Paramount studio. Deniro was in town yesterday for a short while but he has since left town. Deniro is said to return sometime on Monday, but it is unknown where he will be filming. I will not be going tomorrow to the Navy yard because I am sure I will not see anything and it will be a waste of a trip. When they continue to film in town again I will do what I can to get to set. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dark Field updates!

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