Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dark Fields Set Report 4-28-10

The motion picture Dark Fields is well underway filming in Philadelphia. Today the production moved to 717 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia at the Union Building Steakhouse. I was on the film set today and despite rumors of Deniro possibly being in Philadelphia, I did not see him today; however I did see Mr. Bradley Cooper. From what I could tell there were a few scenes filmed today at the steakhouse. I arrived on set around noon just as they were filming a scene in the bottom floor inside the bar area. There were a lot of extras wearing suits and jackets and various business attires both inside the bar and walking by the windows. The cast and crew took a short break around 2pm and Cooper emerged from the bar and went directly to his trailer...I got a great video of the back of his head because my camera takes forever to turn on, oh well. About an hour later filming resumed, this time it was on the second floor of the restaurant. For the second scene Bradley came out of his trailer wearing a leather jacket and black pants instead of the previous business suit he was wearing. I decided to leave after some random guy kept trying to sell me childrens clothes from some random store thinking I could fit in child sizes, I don't know. It was also freezing outside since I have just returned from Florida, not used to the cold here yet. I heard they stopped filming tonight around 6pm and have an early shoot tomorrow, which I will try to locate in the morning. Sorry for the lack of photographic evidence from today, I didn't take a lot of photos mainly because I was freezing, good thing its warmer tomorrow.

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